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Why it’s time to stop bashing the influencers

As recently as fifteen years ago, the idea that a perfectly ordinary person would be able to leverage the internet to create a personal brand, attract thousands of followers (if they do it well) and be declared an ‘influencer’ (or in some cases a minor celeb) would have sounded far -fetched. After all, there was no prominent social media…

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Gender Diversity: Why actions speak louder than words

This month, Legal and General Investment Management took the bold step of launching the L&G Future World Gender in Leadership UK Index Fund, AKA ‘The GIRL’ fund, which will favour companies with the best record in gender diversity. The fund will rank companies based on four different measures, including the number of women on the board. Most of us…

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Getting the message by Tony Medawar

If you have to work with Whitehall you will know that Government can make change happen faster, Government can also make things a whole lot worse. Either way, Onyx can help you land the right messages with the right people at the right time. People first. Always. Relationships are the bedrock of influence and we speak and we listen to…

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