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Tame the beast of inflation

Inflation is a stalking beast that can threaten the survival of small businesses. Rising prices eat into profit margins and put the long-term sustainability of SMEs at risk—making it imperative to tame this predator. And well-managed companies that do so can even thrive like never before. But SMEs will need to take concrete steps to grapple costs under control,…

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Netflix – Did they listen to their Marketing Director?

Last week Netflix released into the public domain, deliberately or accidently, their aggressive plans to end password sharing between households. Their aim is to boost flagging income by forcing people to get their own subscriptions. The plans included making users log in every month and attaching the account to the Wi-Fi, so that only those on the same Wi-Fi…

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Virtual Reality in Education

Think back to when you were learning about dinosaurs at school. Now imagine, instead of reading a book about them, you could walk with them and completely immerse yourself in their environment. With virtual reality making its way into schools, this kind of learning is not far off.  As a comms agency that has worked extensively with clients in…

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