Onyx Media and Communications is the agile communications consultancy.

Onyx builds and protects the reputation of businesses through effective communications and strategic partnerships.

Our team has decades of experience working with everyone from start-ups to corporates, running businesses, advising government, creating PR strategies, working as journalists and engaging stakeholders across industry and the public sector.

Through this work we have created a unique network of like-minded businesses and influencers.  We form long-standing partnerships with our clients and all our partners have access to and become part of the Onyx eco-system.

Onyx has the insider perspective. We’ve faced the challenges you face and have lived in your world.  We’re invested in our partners’ businesses.  Your success is our success.

We understand that brands today want agencies that are flexible, nimble and creative. They want to be able to scale up or down. They don’t want to waste money on fancy offices or cover payroll for staff who don’t work on their account. They want to work with the very best in the industry.

The traditional communications agency model is not set up to support this new way of working.  Onyx is different. We wrote the book on The Agile Revolution (literally – you can buy it here).

We flex our services to meet clients needs. We work virtually meaning our overheads are lower, stretching budgets further. Our agile approach means we have a pool of talent to draw upon as needed.

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