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Harry and Meghan – Lesson for business on reputation management

Prince Harry was one of our most popular royals. His tragic childhood and natural charm meant that the public was very forgiving and even protective towards him. The media coverage generally reflected that. The media’s attitude changed soon after he got married. What went wrong from a PR perspective? Why did THE interview result in their approval ratings plummeting even further?…

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Why you shouldn’t employ a journalist to manage your PR

I have huge respect for journalists. We employ ex national, local, broadcast, print and digital journalists on the extended Onyx team. They are highly skilled at identifying what is and isn’t a story and in creating stories that people want to read (or listen to). They know what will engage a journalist and what will annoy them. They’re the best…

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Business and Policy Post Revolution

low angle photo of four high rise curtain wall buildings under white clouds and blue sky

Nearly 3 years ago, in the autumn of 2017, I predicted that we were on the brink of a revolution in the way we work.  That TEDx has now had nearly 60k views. With recent events the comments make for interesting reading. People at that time could not see the link between remote working and pollution and many believed…

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The Power of the Partnership Approach 

Do you value your ‘people’, but use and abuse your contractors and suppliers? Why does that matter? In the nineteenth century organisations commonly believed that the command and control approach was the only way to manage people; business was no place for emotion. Employees were treated as little more than slaves by their employers and were worked as long and as hard as possible, for…

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How to make your Recruitment Business stand out from the Crowd

Recruiters don’t always have the best reputation. There are thousands of recruitment companies out there, all competing for the best candidates and the commission for placing them. But too many focus on slotting as many people as possible into roles without worrying about whether that’s right for the person or the recruiting organisation. If this isn’t you, how do…

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Virtual Reality in Education

Think back to when you were learning about dinosaurs at school. Now imagine, instead of reading a book about them, you could walk with them and completely immerse yourself in their environment. With virtual reality making its way into schools, this kind of learning is not far off.  As a comms agency that has worked extensively with clients in…

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