Do You Create Compelling Content?

Retro typewriter writers desk

Storytelling is a current buzzword in marketing. People are finally realising the power that narrative has over our buying behaviour, and marketers are jumping onto the ‘storytelling’ bandwagon. So what are the rules for creating compelling content?

  1. Get Visual

    A picture paints a thousand words and never has that been truer than today. In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, 360 degree photography and augmented reality, a text link alone isn’t going to stand out. Make sure your visuals tell your story as effectively as your words.

  2. Get Informed

    Today’s consumer is extra-wary of overselling and under-delivering. They’re also more likely to fact-check – and have the internet at their fingertips. If you put out cheap content with a poor pay-off and factual inaccuracies, it will reflect badly on your brand. Make sure your content is credible and your brand is more likely to be perceived as credible.

    Read up on narrative structure too. If you don’t understand the hero’s journey, you won’t be able to take your customers on a brand journey.

  3. Get Curating

    Good content doesn’t have to be entirely produced by you. Guest blog posts, quotes from experts and reader-generated content will help develop your social media profile, while building relationships and brand loyalty.

    Remember to share other people’s social media posts too. By sharing (and commenting on) content from other people, they’re more likely to engage with your content, so it’s a win-win.

  4. Get Creating

    There’s no point writing and scheduling a few articles and expecting that to count as a ‘content strategy’. Things move quickly online, and your content should reflect that.

    Staying on top of trends and keeping your audience informed about the latest things going on in your industry will help you become an influencer. In turn, your opinion will be taken more seriously, meaning people are more likely to engage with to your content. In short, if you want to be an influencer, be influential – and ideally, inspirational!

  5. Get Emotional

    If you don’t connect with your audience’s emotions, they are unlikely to connect with your brand. Show emotion – and bear in mind that positive emotions get a better response than negative ones. While fear may acquire a customer, love will make them loyal to your brand.

If you lack the time (or writing prowess) to create the content you need, get in touch with Onyx. From tweets and blog posts to white papers and entire magazines, we have an experienced team who will ensure your content tells your story in the most effective way.