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Communications Support

Communications Support

Our PR campaigns are not just about delivering great coverage.  We also look at other routes to delivering your business objectives, such as awards and strategic partnerships, that use our fantastic networks (we’ve taken clients to 10 Downing Street, the House of Lords and even Buckingham Palace).  All our clients become part of the Onyx ecosystem.

We work with you to create a PR campaign that fits seamlessly with the work of your marketing team. We’re not SEO experts, for example, but we’re trained to ensure that the coverage and content we deliver supports your SEO.

We regularly evaluate our work against your business objectives. Typically this is raised brand awareness, coverage in key titles or increased traffic to your website.

Every day our retained clients are sent the coverage that has been published and within two working days of the end of every month, they receive a written evaluation report.

Our clients quickly see us as a key part of their extended team as we flex around their needs to help the business.  At senior levels this includes giving business advice and helping to secure funding.  At operational level we add extra firepower to in-house teams.