Reputation management

Online or offline, your reputation is key to your success. We can help you to ensure that your values and personality are well presented.

Content Creation

With a team of experienced journalists, editors and creatives, we create engaging stories for all types of media.

Digital and social strategy

The demands in social media – that you listen, engage with and talk to your customers directly, using compelling content– can seem overwhelming but we can show you how to create a strategy that works for you, and attracts your target audience, and help you put it into practice.

Press office and media relations

We write, issue and promote press releases and articles that are used in full by the media or engage them enough to want to know more. We have strong relationships with the journalists you need to influence and we pitch you as experts they can rely on.

Communications Support

We offer communications support as an extension of your team. We’re expert speech and copy writers and can help you excel in presentations and publicity material.

Crisis management

The best way of managing a crisis is to prevent it from happening. We recommend a crises audit for all of our clients and we use this to manage and enhance your messaging.

Media training

In today’s media world, it’s imperative you know how to bridge between questions and your key messages. It’s vital to be able to tell your story and come across well in all forms of media.

Project and campaign planning and delivery

From idea generation to execution, we can create and deliver great campaigns.

Building mutually beneficial partnerships

All of our clients become part of our eco-system. Working with us means that we genuinely believe in what you do, and we will recommend you to our own contacts. We set up partnerships that have helped transform businesses.

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