Onyx’s brief

BPS World has worked with Onyx since 2012 to raise their profile with their target audience. Onyx has supported them in their many achievements in that time. One of the key aspects of this work has been to position BPS as thought leaders in the industry and beyond. To achieve this Onyx has supported BPS in the research and writing of authoritative white papers and guides on key industry issues. In Spring 2016 BPS World needed Onyx to help them emphasise their global expertise and capability.

The campaign

Onyx identified that BPS World needed well informed, unique content to attract the interest of the media and give them the right positioning. Onyx reviewed what was currently available in relevant subjects and identified a gap in the information available to journalists and a unique angle that would be of interest. Onyx worked with BPS to research and write Planet Talent – The essential guide to global recruitment.

Onyx issued tailored press releases in the UK and the US (working with Onyx’s US team) and in the Czech Republic (translated into Czech) to publicise Planet Talent. Onyx then promoted these to the target media in these countries. 

The results

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Onyx secured more than 250 pieces of coverage worldwide with an audience of over 240 million people. BPS World reported a huge spike in relevant traffic coming to their website. Journalists continue to report that they find Planet Talent valuable and authoritative and it continues to attract media attention and reference.

“We’ve worked with Onyx Media and Communications now for four years and over that time they have worked hard to build a reputation with our target journalists, so that their approaches on our behalf are noticed; we cut through all the noise.”

Natalie Spearing, Marketing Director of BPS World