Onyx works differently to a PR agency.

We are an eclectic, agile team of experts. It takes many cogs to create a smooth-running machine. This is the basis of the Onyx structure, in which senior experts slot in to adaptable teams to best suit the needs of a client or project. But you will always have one person in charge of ensuring you get the results that your organisation needs.

Each of us directs the business in our specialism, while connecting with other team members in a supporting role across other projects.

We have an office base in London’s Soho, but we’ve found that the best people don’t always live in commuting distance, or want to work from an office. As a result we have a regional and US presence that gives us a broader perspective that we believe is essential to great PR.

Our core team is below, but you may meet other experts who are leaders in their field and we know can deliver the best results.

anne-cantelo-croppedAnne Cantelo
Founder and Managing Director

Anne has more than 30 years’ experience and has supported hugely diverse businesses, people and organisations, from celebrities to retailers, business support services to banks and pharmaceuticals. Find Anne’s LinkedIn profile here

margaret-pacheco-cropped-2Margaret Pacheco
Senior Vice President, US Strategy

Margaret has 20 years of experience guiding successful enterprise technology and consumer products companies. Based in Dallas and responsible for our work in the US, Margaret is a specialist in optimisation so oversees our digital work to ensure it delivers results. Find Margaret’s LinkedIn profile here

natalie-worpole-croppedNatalie Worpole
Associate Director

Natalie has nearly 15 years’ experience working across a range of sectors including personal finance, payments, enterprise and business support, consumer technology, HR, professional services, and recruitment, public sector, and education. Natalie is CIPR qualified. Find Natalie’s LinkedIn profile here

Tony Medawar 0001Tony Medawar
Senior Associate Director

Tony has 30 years’ experience of working in and with central and local government in the UK and the European Commission. Find Tony’s LinkedIn profile here

emily-goss-croppedEmily Goss
Communications Manager

Emily has over 20 years’ writing and marketing experience. She has worked for brands including Natwest, Diageo and Philips. Emily has written for titles ranging from The Guardian to Glamour Magazine. Find Emily’s LinkedIn profile here

james-fenton-imageJames Fenton
Senior Consultant

James has over 15 years press and PR experience across corporate, consumer, technology, enterprise, lifestyle and tourism accounts. With three Chartered Institute of PR awards, James has a high level of expertise placing client stories with agenda setting broadcast, print and online media. Find James’s LinkedIn profile here.

Clara LeeClara Lee
Finance and HR Manager

Clara has over 15 years’ experience in accounting, HR, learning development and project management. Find Clara’s LinkedIn profile here

Charlotte Childs
Creative Consultant

Charlotte has 20 years of advertising and marketing experience working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands including American Airlines, Ford and Samsung. Find Charlotte’s LinkedIn profile here