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Brexit Guide
A guide to accessing the EU market post Brexit for UK SMEs.
Onyx, Flanders Investment & Trade
The Brexit Brink
Are British SMEs about to fall off the edge of Europe – Or are they building new bridges Researched and...
Onyx, Amaiz
Total Immersion
A report highlighting the importance of brand to recruitment. Onyx worked on the report for BPS Word who are global resourcing...
Onyx, BPS World
Planet Talent
A report on the internationalisation of talent, as young professionals become global in their search for work, and a guide...
Onyx, BPS World
This was believed to be the first ever comprehensive report on the ‘dark web’. Onyx worked on the report for...
Onyx, Intelliagg
This was the first qualitative research carried out to understand the international perspective of Brexit and how other countries believe...
Onyx, BPS World
Power to the Customer
Creativity is often overlooked by organisations seeking out the next generation of talent, creative education must be mandated and regarded...
Onyx, CAB
The Agile Revolution
A guide for business on agile working   Agile working is a growing trend. It does not suit all businesses...
Anne Cantelo, Charlotte Clarke, BPS World